Frederick M. Hess
Frederick M. Hess
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Pundicity: Informed Opinion and Review

Books by Frederick M. Hess

Cover of Bringing the Social Sciences Alive

Bringing the Social Sciences Alive
10 Simulations for History, Economics, Government, and Geography

by Frederick M. Hess
Allyn & Bacon, 1999. 220 pp.
January 11, 1999

This book was written with the practicing teacher in mind. It offers ten tested, varied, and refined simulations that will enliven a classroom in grades 7-12 without sacrificing content. In fact, these lessons help a teacher teach concepts, material, and skills more effectively. The lessons are ready-to-use, including directions, background context, reproducible materials, and guidelines for assessment. Topics include: Constructing a New American Government, The Mighty Dorito Cartel, and Making the United Nations Work. The author also provides discussion on designing, modifying, running, and assessing simulations.

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